A new perspective on the construction of The Great Pyramid the third book of the author H. Neubacher:

  • 100,000 men built the Khufu's pyramid
  • 70,000 of workers where slaves
  • 2,500,000 blocks weighing approximately 2,5 tons each were stacked up with the help of - machine
  • 6,000,000 tons of stone transported by - waterways to help of machines the building site

a new hypothesis by the engineer/teacher, Helmar Neubacher, formulated in his new book with the title:

zum Bau der
Jahrtausende altes Mysterium gelüftet:
100.000 Mann - Hydrostatik - 230 Steinhebemaschinen"

"And Herodotus was right" of this the author is thoroughly convinced and will confirm the validity of the most significant points of statements by the Greek historian.

After an examination of the hypothesis stated above, H. Neubacher comes to a totally astonishing and in part unexpected result in the course of his research.

The author formulated a totally new pyramid theory addressing the following central issues:

  • With the help of which methods were the ancient Egyptians able to transport, lift and set in place 6 million tons of stone and after only 7,200 days complete the building of the huge Cheops-Pyramid with such quality workmanship.
  • Which complex building theory did the old architects use so that 100,000 men, on the only 2 - 3 Squarekilometers Giza-Plateau building site, were not constantly interfering with each other?
  • Did King Khufus´ work force of labourers consist of slaves, or were they independent contractors from ancient Egypt?

The author provides the answer in his third book with a presentation that is simple but also elaborate and proves conclusively that the following building technology was used:

The ancient architects used what was in abondance all year round at their disposel - the waters from the Nile and the natural force of buoyancy of water (Hydrostatic).

To prove the accuracy of his entire theory, Neubacher, the machine builder, constructed

  • special transport ships
  • machines to lift the stones and
  • machines to set the stones in place

and verified the function on working models.

Of special interest is a model of the Cheops pyramid in a scale of 1 : 100 with working machines to lift and put stones in place on the pyramid sides and inside the work site.

An impressive proof of the functioning of the lifting power of a machine for lifting stones in the original size using the power of water with the help of a balance beam was performed in Thailand on 01.03.2009; a standard size block similar to the size used in the Cheops pyramid weighing over 2.5 tons an 101 centimeters in size was lifted.

The attainment of new and comprehensive insight to pyramid construction, H. Neubacher draws from knowledge that has always been available to Egyptology.

It is also based on an abundance of Information that the old Architects must have used from a time dating back 4.600 years. It was only necessary to interpret the information that was handed down to us to prove how it was used.

Read the third book of the author, as he brings together all the individual notes of an old civilization, linked to each other and got together into a perfectly adequate building technology of the former building masters with the end result:


In the follow you find some photos for the description from the text.


Image 13: Special Transport Ship

Image 13: Transport of one of Cheops´ standard blocks (2.5 tons) afloat beneath the water surface.

  • Model of stone transport vessel , scale 1: 10
  • 2 workers as dolls for comparison of size between man and ship

Read more in the third book...

gebaut mit den eigenen

published in September 2008

ISBN: 978-3-8370-6236-6
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published in April 2009

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Vermächtnis des Herodot
zum Bau der Cheops-

published in December 2010

ISBN: 978-3-8391-1486-5
Language: German

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