"For the rest of the over 2,000,000 stone blocks with an average weight of 2.5 tons other machines were available to the ancient Egyptians", so Helmar Neubacher. "These were

  • Built of short beams,
  • Easy to carry and
  • Capable of lifting heavy blocks of stone from stage to stage."

With the same words, the Greek historian Herodotus describes machines which built pyramids in his opinion.

Did the machine look like the description in his "Histories" as shown in the following picture?

The use of the frame and lever beams were not unusual for that time - all the experts of the former Egyptian empire say that. But a suitable drive, which then makes the individual parts into a "living" machine has not been found until today despite intensive search. Here is the solution after the idea of the author H. Neubacher:

A floating body lifts blocks of stone with the lever beams using the power of water and the force of its own weight.

It does not matter whether the float is a small bucket weighted with stones or the elegant royal ship. Floats ("vessels") of all sizes and shapes were thus able to carry the smallest and the biggest size of stone weights in the direction of the top of the pyramid in the former Egyptian Empire.

It is amazing with which simple means - a perfectly reasonable lifting method of that time - invincible problems of building pyramids had been solved.

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