• How did the ancient Egyptians build their pyramids?
  • How did they transport 100 granite blocks, some of them over 40 tons up to 65 m to the top?
  • As they piled such as the Great Pyramid 2,500,000 stone blocks (2.5 tons) up to an elevation close to 150 meters?
  • How do we find people of today to respond to the great deeds of a small nation 4,600 years ago in the mysterious Kingdom of the Pharaohs left and right of the Nile?

One answer is provided by the German technical instructor Helmar Neubacher from Westerland, Sylt.

In his first book H. Neubacher focused on the lifting of the stone blocks - indeed amazing what a simple way the ancient Egyptians probably employed to transport heavy and very heavy weights in the direction of the pyramid. For this time a perfectly adequate and by the author widely documented method.

In his second book H. Neubacher describes the technology, which is used to transport and set the pyramid blocks. From the
perspective of his epoch-making "Barque-Theory" (represented in his first book) the technical processes of constructing the gigantic building are elucidated. Stone lifting ships show their capabilities, as soon as the blocks land near the pyramids.

In his third book the author develops solution towards

  • clarification
  • deepening and
  • proof

of the extremely complex procedures to the construction of The Great Pyramid which possibly could as well be valid for the construction of the Khafre's Pyramid and The Third Pyramid.

Under application of very elaborately built models of pyramids and machines in Thailand, and with special reference to the writings of Herodotus (app.450 B.C.), H.Neubacher is convinced, that the age-old mystery of the building of the Egyptian pyramids is largely solved. For a better understanding of the actions of the ancient master builders of times of long ago, there are 228 book pages with 243 illustrations, 63 of which are in colour, 170 in black and white, and 10 charts.

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gebaut mit den eigenen

published in September 2008

ISBN: 978-3-8370-6236-6
Language: German

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published in April 2009

ISBN: 978-3-8370-2310-7
Language: German

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ISBN: 978-3732206421
Language: German

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Vermächtnis des Herodot
zum Bau der Cheops-

published in December 2010

ISBN: 978-3-8391-1486-5
Language: German

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ISBN: 978-3844876703
Language: German

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