Image 14: Machine of Herodotus

Image 14: Machine of Herodotus, light portable construction.

A lifting vessel lifts a standard block of Cheops (2.5 tons) with the help of a counter weight using a lifting beam.

  • Step of pyramid
  • Machine rack
  • Transport slide for water tank
  • Outlet valve of water tank
  • Water tank
  • "Lifting vessel" afloat in water tank, Ballast of vessel is water
  • Haulage rope
  • Lifting beam
  • Stabilization rope
  • Support bearing: Bearing block and round beam (marble)
  • Stone weight to draw back the lifting beam during allocation of the next stone lift (Lifting vessel travels from bottom to top)
  • Safety limit for lifting beam
  • Depot equipment for stone block after lifting
  • Clamping device as lifting aid with three positioning pins on the stone block
  • Stone block held in balance by the weight of the lifting vessel
  • Transport slide for stone block
  • Transport slide for lifting machine

Lifting the block of stone the only activity to perform is: To open the drain valve (cf. above enumeration No. 4) at the bottom of the tank (cf. above enumeration No. 5). After that the "lifting vessel" (bark) goes down with dropping water level and lifts the monolith.

Image 15: Lifting of stone blocks of up to 15 tons

Image 15: Lifting of stone blocks up to 15 tons

Three-fold lifting beam made of cedar wood.

In the new book you can see from page 160 the complete machine with machine rack, water tank, lifting vessel and three-fold lifting beam in its stone lifting assignment.

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